Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday 25th August 2015….Day 1!!!!!!

Had an easy morning just making sure I had everything I needed packed I may have cold temperatures in the Rockies so needed some warm clothes……so after doing all the odd jobs that needed to be done and got Little Bluey all packed I was down at the ferry terminal for 2.30pm.





It was a good crossing just over 90 minutes and then with the help of my GPS found my way to the Centre where I picked up  my schedules and final accreditation…



I must say I am impressed with all the effort and the volunteers this is a huge event but very well organized….I received my tag



Confirmed my singles game is tomorrow at 9.30 am and followed by the mixed doubles at 2.00pm at the same venue but still do not know if it is round robin or knock out format.

I then drove to the apartment I have booked till Sunday it is really close to the courts and other activities…I met the owner Steph and her son and the apartment is great..complete separate entrance





Nice bathtub that I shall use every day…


A great bargain for Vancouver at 70 dollars a night and I shall be very comfortable here.

Sorted out my stuff had tea on the patio and then dinner and then a nice soak in the tub and now ready for a movie on the computer and then bed……..

So day one went well now if I can manage to win the matches tomorrow…….

Hope I am not playing this guy see all his medals!!!


Yashi Kochi!!!!

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