Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Tuesday 4th August 2015…a very special day!!!!!

The below is my post from two years ago and I see no reason to change it now…


Sunday 4th August 2013……a very special lady!!!!

Was born this day in 1918….my MUM!!!!!


She was without a shadow of a doubt one on the most wonderful and special people to walk this earth…..always so caring and giving she was the light of my life and even though I spent all of my adult life thousands of miles away form her our bond and connection was a joy to behold.   Sadly Mum passed away way too early on Valentine’s Day 1995….she remains in my heart and I love you!!!


Bermuda in the 1970’s!!


Can you believe they put me in a dress??????


Good news from England Tom’s wrist is not broken just sprained!!!

Well today the ultimate in laziness…….I stayed home and puttered (Google it if you do not know the word)all day and tonight went to the tennis club for what is the best tennis night of the week really good men’s doubles with guys a lot younger than me….I enjoyed it so much!!!

Sadly Ashley lost her game today in the National girls under 18 competition..she lost in three sets to the number 17 seed…..but remember she is still 15 years old..way to go Ashley!!!

.A good article below!!!!

monterrey bancomer stadium The new stadium under construction.


Monterrey stadium most expensive in MX

The 51,000-seat, $200-million facility is new home of the Monterrey football club


Mexico News Daily | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

There is a new generation of stadiums coming to Latin America following the opening Sunday of the new BBVA Bancomer soccer stadium in Monterrey, says its designer.

The 51,000-seat, aluminum-clad facility, built for the Monterrey football club at a cost of US $200 million, is the most expensive ever built in Mexico, according to the Kansas City Business Journal.

It was designed by the Kansas City-based architectural firm Populous, which specializes in sports facilities and convention centers. It called the stadium the most hospitality-driven and most advanced stadium in Latin America.

Lead architect David Lizarraga forecast it will usher in a new generation of such facilities in Latin America. “The level of detail in the design – from the stadium’s facade, which speaks to Monterrey’s heritage, to the hospitality experience – is unmatched,” Lizarraga said in a release.

With 324 suites and 4,500 club seats, along with lounges offering luxury food, beverage and seating, it also billed as having the most premium seating of any Latin American stadium.

Its aluminum exterior was inspired by the history of brewing and steel manufacturing in the city, the capital of Nuevo León. The stadium was built by Coca-Cola bottler FEMSA, owner of the football club.

Populous designed the Natal, Brazil, stadium in which four matches were played in last year’s World Cup

Yashi Kochi!!!

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