Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday 20th August 2015…a gambling man!!!

I drove Heather to work this morning and as I was backing out of the driveway I saw this bird walking down the driveway towards the car…


Heather said the bird was a Chinese Pheasant and has been in the yard of the neighbor for months….every time I tried to back up it would get behind the car and Heather had to get out and shoo him away… a very pretty bird…


I went and had morning tea with my friend Karen and we caught up on all our different stories and then afterwards I went shopping and bought myself a Kobo e mail reader it is like a Kindle and my friend Croft told me about them so I got will save me taking lots of books on the cruise.

This afternoon I did some sorting and route planning and getting ready for next week.

Tonight it was poker night and after dinner we met at Gary’s house and I donated 15 dollars to someone…but lots of fun and good group of guys!!!!

Still having great weather…

Yashi kochi!!!

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