Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday 24th August 2015…getting ready!!!!

I leave on a three week road trip tomorrow so spent the morning packing and getting organized and some trip planning.

here is a brief outline of my journey….

Tomorrow I take the afternoon ferry over to Vancouver and I have an apartment booked till Sunday…..tomorrow night I have to complete my registration for the Senior games and pick up my schedule so far I know I am playing singles on Wednesday morning at 9.30am and then at 2 pm playing wish Trish in mixed doubles…..I still do not know the format of the competition if it is a round robin type of event or straight elimination I guess I will find that out tomorrow evening…..if I do manage to win some game the games finish Saturday morning!!!!

On Sunday morning drive to Kelowna (4 hours) to visit with my long time friends Gail and Larry for two nights then the three of us are driving to Arlene and Doug’s home on the BARRIER LAKE I HAVE NOT BEEN HERE BEFORE BUT IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BEAUTIFUL.  sorry hit the big key!!!!

Then next Thursday I drive to Jasper where I am staying 4 nights then driving towards Banff where I am staying 5 nights before coming back home to Nanaimo on the 13th September.

I have not been to the Rockies and I know it will be a wonderful journey with lots of hiking and waterfalls and wild life…I have not made plans except for one..I have booked a glacier ice walk on the Athabasca ice fields.

So lots to look forward to and anyone have any tips or suggestions always most welcome!!

Yashi kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Sounds like a very nice trip. Good luck with your tennis games and safe travels.

mexicokid said...

thanks so much best wishes les

Samantha Marshall said...

Sounds great I love Banff I was only looking through the brochure tonight enjoy and good luck with your tennis xx

mexicokid said...

THANKS Sam there is still some life left in your old UNCLE!!!!!

Rod and Sylvia said...

Enjoy your time here in the Okanagan. Hopefully the smoke will be gone by then

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