Monday, August 03, 2015

Monday 3rd August 2015…….Birthday boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 family birthdays today……..Daz whose is married to Sam who is my brother’s daughter..have a great day!!!

Peter who is married to my cousin Shelia on my Mum’s side…have a wonderful day!!!

and young Tom who is my great nephew…..sorry to hear from my brother that Tom who I think is turning 12 years old fell at the skate park and may have broken his wrist, still waiting for news, so Tom have a safe rest of the birthday!!!

Not a bad schedule for me today at 10.30am I went to see Mel, one of my investment guru’s and we talked about my investments which Mel has been advising me on for exactly 2 years now and I am thrilled with the results and the dividends.

I then went shopping and home in time for lunch and to get changed and off to the club for afternoon tennis…some great and fun games played under the hot sun.

After tennis I went to visit with Karen and we sat in her back garden which is lovely and had afternoon tea.

Tonight Heather cooked a lovely family meal which we were all home for and there it is……forgot to mention that today is a holiday in this province so nice for most folks to get an extra day off….

Also I heard today from my friend Stella whose young grand daughter Ashley is the budding tennis star…today Ashley started in the USTA national tennis championships for girls 18 and under ..this is a huge competition and Ashley is still only 15 years old but today she won her first match and tomorrow faces the No 17 seed so wish her luck…here she is a couple of years ago!!!


Yashi Kochi!!!!

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