Saturday, August 01, 2015

Saturday 1st August 2015…rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!!

Well it did not take long for August to arrive another beautiful sunny morning and I went to the tennis club for 10 am for two great hours of tennis….did some shopping after tennis and then relaxed at home this afternoon and looked on the internet at the ports I am going to stop at on the cruise to New Zealand and trying to plan some shore excursions without doing the ridiculously expensive cruise options……

Heather cooked a wonderful dinner and tonight I watched the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team play in Seattle I always enjoy these games and fun for me to see one the presenters on TV Luke Wileman, his Dad. Ian and I are long time soccer kid buddies from growing up together in Sheffield.

Heather and some of her girlfriends went out for dinner tonight in a small town about 25 minutes away…they got a ride there and I volunteered to pick them up and bring them home… was a fun drive home those 4 ladies know how to have fun!!!!

Going to watch a movie before I go to be……so an easy first day of the month!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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