Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday 27th August 2015…Day 3!!!!

Relaxed this morning with breakfast and a newspaper and because our game today was not till 1.30pm I went to another venue and watched some boys play!!!!!


I really always wanted to attend these games and play soccer but first the timing was never right and then I retired and took up reffing but part of my heart is with these boys!!!

I watched for a while then drove to the tennis complex…was there a few minutes early and walked a little ways into the park and found this scene…


  Trish and I played our next match.  We did not get off to a very good start and lost the first 3 games…this is a strange sport sometimes things go right and sometimes not so……on the change over we had a quick talk and both settled down and we reeled off the next 12 games to win 6-3 6-0 and through to the semi final, well played Trish!!!!

Came home and relaxed with some lunch and sat on the patio and read up on the Canadian Rockies what a trip that is going to be.

Another little glitch happened this morning with my GPS…those that know me well know that my strength is with people not gadgets so please excuse the layman’s terms…..I tried to plug my GPS into the 12 volt in Little Bluey but nothing happening I did check the end and realized that the end that goes into the 12 volt was missing all the end pieces so when I plugged it in nothing…now I do need the GPS for the venues and future travels so did not panic and thought oh no another 100 bucks for a GPS but no so …..I got smart and went into a Mall and found a store called the Source and the great assistant found me a great deal for a package of connections for 15 dollars…so now I plug the thingie into another thingie and then into the GPS and the 12 volt and there you have it GPS restored!!!

At 4pm I walked 5 blocks from the house down to Lonsdale Quay where the games society were putting on an evening of music, cruise and information booths…..I really enjoyed the first two music events all very talented…





One of the booths was from the BC nurses federation and they were checking blood pressure so I had mine taken and it was 114/60 which I think is quite good.

I then bought a ticket for a harbor cruise



Looking back at the music venue.


I really like the next two…



See the whiskers what a camera!!!!





After the cruise I listened to this group for a while before walking home after a lovely evening…


Now a little rant…when Trish and I left the tennis venue I was scheduled to play my singles game tomorrow at 9.30am and with Trish in the doubles at 1.30pm…but they told us to check the website for possible changes…..when I got home from the entertainment tonight I did check the schedule and I am not happy…they have changed the schedule and now Trish and I play at 9.30am and then I follow it at 11.30am with the singles…….the other three semi finalists do not have any other games tomorrow and one of the matches is at 1.30pm which is where I should be…no point complaining I would not anyway but it is what it is and I have to deal with it…..I think after the mixed doubles a quick bite to eat and back on the courts…….the organizers have done a wonderful job all week with so many games to deal with but now as the week draws in there are less games..oopppsss I am going on a bit too much!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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