Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday 30th August 2015…..Day 6!!!!

Today was my road trip day and I was on the road by 8am driving through the streets of Vancouver I realized that the wind storm yesterday was huge and powerful with many trees fallen and leaves everywhere.

The roads were fairly quiet and it  was raining a little and after about an hour I stopped at the Othello tunnels…I have been here before but it always a nice short hike!!!




Another 3 hours on the road and I arrived to the out skirts of Kelowna where there is a Tourist office off the main highway and in the parking lot the main excitement was the bear which was on the bank on the other side of the highway…



I love seeing animals in the wild but I have never seen a bear run..this one seemed a bit confused and I think he was trying to get over the fence but I now know that bears can run fast!!!!

This is a lovely town set on a huge lake


It was great to see Gail and Larry again and we have known each other over 30 years…they have just completed a reno in their home…. looks wonderful


and this shows you how much care Gail takes of me..I am spoiled I know!!!!!


I treated us to dinner and then around 9pm I just hit the tank and was tired off to bed and I am still a bit sore from all the tennis……

Yashi kochi!!!


Rod and Sylvia said...

Welcome to Kelowna. I see you brought the rain along with you, and we're grateful. Really!

mexicokid said...

you are welcome but I only have shorts with me!!!!!cheers les

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