Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday 17th June 2015….Driving Ms.Annie!!!!

Had a relaxing morning after I finished washing Little Bluey and getting all the dirt off her from the logging roads on yesterday's adventure.

At 10 am I went to pick up my friend Annie, we have known each other many years and always good to see her again.  We chatted and caught up with all our different stories and then I drove her down town to see her husband Gordie……sadly Gordie’s health is not very good and he resides in a care facility and we had a nice visit with him but I am not too sure if Gordie will know we were there.

I then took Annie to the Longwood pub where we met her friend Judy and we had a wonderful lunch and lots of travel stories were exchanged..then it was some shopping and finally took Annie to the library and then home…..I am always glad when I can do a little bit for Annie.

Came only only for a few minutes before I went and picked another friend, Chris and we went out for coffee, well Chris coffee me OJ!!!  Again I have know Chris for a long time and are we are both ex – coppers so lots of stories there.

Finally home just before 5 o clock and as Heather is working a late shift tonight I cooked supper for us all…it was a typical Pearson combination but all the plates came back empty which proves to me that it wasn’t bad or they were just all hungry!!!!

I am now going to take Boomer for a long walk…..

So you see an easy and good day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow as a waterfall is in my destiny plus I am going on an overnight road trip!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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