Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday 20th June 2015…….. sporty then party!!!

Had a nice breakfast this morning and then off to the tennis club…that has a nice ring to it don’t you think!!!

Two hours of really good tennis…it is well organized 16 men and we are partnered off and the court assigned and we play for 35 minutes and then rotate to a different court and partner and another 35 minutes and then another rotation…this was competitive and enjoyable tennis!!!!

I then went and wait for it…are you reading this LINDA!!!

I then went and activated this!!!!


I am now no longer the only man on the planet who does not have a cell phone….Heather found and old cell phone which she has loaned to me so I went to the store got the sim card(whatever that is) I get unlimited calling anywhere in BC for 25 dollars a month and then each month I get a 10 dollar credit to call USA or México…….

Came home and as I was talking on the phone to Karen I see my first deer…normally this time of the year there are many deer all over but I had not seen one yet until I looked in the back yard!!!



We had a staring contest until you know who decided no other animal was going to be in my back yard….


end of the deer (pun intended)


The rest of the afternoon was switching between the US open golf and women’s soccer before I finally had to get cleaned up for the party!!!

A bit of back ground here…about 15 years ago when I was a volunteer on the local Crisi Line I met this lady Inga and we became friends and dated and had good times.  Inga had two children and I became close to Kailen he was about 11 years of age and I had him enrolled in soccer and other activities…..the relationship with Inga turned into a friendship and we have remained friends over the years……well turns out she and Richard eloped last April to Oregon and got married and tonight they were having a party to celebrate their wedding……

Get ready ladies…


it is coming…..


you have been warned…..






Some photographs do not need any words..right!!!  RIGHT!!!

So off I go to the local Yacht club and it was a wonderful party!!!

Food, music and guests!!






Kailen is now 27 years old and we had a wonderful conversation..he is very smart and handsome and he told me that he was so grateful to me for the time I put in with him and he still uses my examples for his role modeling today…to hear those words made me feel very humble and very proud of him.

Mum and son!!!!


and now with Richard..


It was a lovely time!!!

If any of you ladies want signed copies of the photos above(of me) they are for sale!!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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