Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday 11th June 2015……a sad loss!!

I know this is a few hours late but when I got home late last night I got an e mail informing me that one of my good friends had passed away in San Miguel………I had only know Ann for a few years but she was a feisty, beautiful lady who suffered so many medical issues but all with out complaint…now she can rest and be in peace!!!!


Today is a very special day for Linda and Guy….it is their 50th wedding anniversary…they have big plans for all the children, grand children and great grand children are to be in attendance and help pay tribute on this day..CONGRATULATIONS…wish I could there to have some cake!!!

So Thursday was like a typical SMA day…had a great sleep and I went to the tennis club where I joined three other guys for 2 hours of good tennis…the location is wonderful as you saw in the photos yesterday and the game was a good one and afterwards I signed up and joined the club…it is a little different the games are organized by a staff member and when I get to know more people I will be able to play as often as I want…my next game is a men's mixer on Saturday morning…the only little complaint is that the courts are not clay..but I am thrilled to get right back into the game.

From there I went to a waterfront restaurant down by the ferry terminal as I had arranged to meet my great friends Gail and Larry for lunch, they live in Kelowna but I always see them in México as they spend the winters there and I did indeed to go visit them this winter gone…it was strange to see them in Canada…we had a lovely lunch which they would not let me pay, thank you, caught up on our news and I am going to visit them next month…..the restaurant was right on the water and we were entertained by this boat hoist which took out three sail boats whilst we were eating!!




Next was do some shopping and then came home and got cleaned up and at 5.30 went to another restaurant where I met my poker buddies, I have also been in a poker group here for years so it was nice to see the boys, we had dinner then went to Eric’s house where they methodically took 8 dollars from me..lots of fun and I look forward to some more games and a chance to get my 8 bucks back!!!

So Nanaimo or San Miguel the day seemed the same…….

Yashi Kochi!!!

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