Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday 14th June 2015…an easy day!!!

Today a special girl in San Miguel is turning 14 years of age…I hope that she had a wonderful and lovely day…Happy birthday Paola!!!!



Well as I was having breakfast and checking the TSN website on my computer I realized that there was a European soccer game from Slovenia(love that country t when I was there a few summers ago) playing England and it started at 9am our time so I dashed down stairs to the TV did I mention it is a 60 inch TV and surfed the channels and found the game so that  was a treat this morning and it was a pulsating and entertaining game!!!


After the game got packed up and went here for a great hike!!!



Why's it called Ammonite Falls?

Ammonite Falls is named for the fossils that inhabit the stack of sedimentary layers of rock kept slick by the falls. A brief foray into the rock matrix in the Benson Creek Falls Regional Park reveals a vast number of concretions, ball'o'fossils that can be broken open to reveal ancient life. Most concretions contain merely a protean speck, while others house ammonites, snail-like creatures similar in shape and form to the modern nautilus. These were very common in Paleozoic and Mesozoic oceans, 400 to 65 million years ago. Many large shells are embedded in the stone of the riverbed (one at least is as big around as a vinyl record, and a meter-across fossil was newly found in the area sometime around 2012).


Lovely trails through huge trees




Still some lovely colors around..



Soon the trail got harder and I had to use the ropes to get down the banks….



The first view of the pool below the falls


One more steep section to go down


and then the falls although at this time of year with not lots of rain they were just a trickle…


Still a beautiful place to have lunch





The view from the top of the falls…



As I got to the top of the roped section there was a lady trying to come down with her dog but the dog wanted nothing  to do with going down that bank she asked me if there was another way to get down and I told her no but I also told her I would be happy to hold her dog whist she went down…here I am babysitting Isobel!!!


Doris raised a gentleman!!!

It was a great 3 hours and below is what the falls look like in Spring and I have seen them like this!!!


Did some reading this evening then BBQ for the boys!!!


BBQ with an ocean view.!!!

Watched the last quarter of the basketball finals and there you have it another great day!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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