Monday, June 08, 2015

Monday 8th June 2015……oh Canada!!!

Slept in till almost 8am and again the stay was just wonderful….had breakfast and got Little Bluey ready for the border crossing….I went to Sports Authority where I got my tennis racquet from and looked around but realized that with the horrid rate of exchange for the Canadian dollar I would be better off buying in Canada, did not really need anything anyway.

Got to the border at 11 am and 5 cars in front of me….pulled up to the booth and the lady Border patrol agent asked me a couple of questions and then smiled and welcomed me home to Canada!!!





Found my way to down town Vancouver and went into McDonalds to use their free Wi-Fi and my first reaction was to all the different Nationalities of the customers and staff..many Asian and Middle easterners and not too many Caucasians….

I found the place I am staying for the night…..again another lovely room but no cooking facilities




I like this quotation that is in the room…



….got cleaned up and walked about 20 minutes to BC place…the stadium for the first of two games…

Notice anything about this building


Now you do!!!



The first game was Cameron versus Ecuador and I had no  favorite but just enjoyed the high quality of soccer, the atmosphere and the whole process……a  game that the African team was way too strong and out played and out muscled their opponents and I have never seen a game where one team was given 3 penalties in one game…..the final score was 6 – 0



I had a good seat



The next game started at 7pm and was between the Swiss and Japan and again a high quality game that could have gone either way but the Japanese team were awarded a penalty and won 1-0



I really enjoyed the evening and later this month I have a ticket for a play off game and another date for a quarterfinal game…

I liked the walk back to my room and there you have it my first day back in Canada was easy and enjoyable!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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Jeannette Lewis said...

I am travelling to Canada, Vancouver in particular, later this year so this blog was really informative for me. The football stadium looks like an incredible piece of architecture, and I feel reassured that, as you say, Vancouver is a relatively easy place to get to and the people are friendly. I wish you all the best for the remainder of your trip!

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