Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday 28th June 2015……..almost a day of rest!!!!

I have entered the BC senior games


in late August in North Vancouver..I have entered the men’s singles is broken down into age category and I am in the 65-70 group…I also would like to have played doubles you are permitted to enter two events so I asked the organizer if there was a woman or man wanting a partner and I found one this morning at tennis at the club, I like to say that, tennis at the club!!!!

As I am a new member the lady who does the schedule has given me lots of games meeting new groups and this morning I met Shirley…..we partnered up and played two really good sets against a married couple who were in the early fifties…..we also were inside the bubble, the first time I have played inside…



we lost both sets 7- 5…… I have played lots of mixed doubles with Carolyn in San Miguel and she is a good player and you get to know your partner's moves on the courts…Shirley is not quite up to Carolyn’s standards but still a good player and a nice lady who happens to come from my home county in England…after the game she asked me if I was interested in partnering with her for the mixed doubles for the Senior games and i told her I would be delighted to do that….so because you are allowed in doubles to play up or down depending on your partners age and because I am younger than Shirley she will come down to my group….we plan to play a few more times together and it will be fun….





81 years YOUNG!!!!!

How fun that will be!!!!

On the way home stopped at the grocery store as I am planning to cook dinner for the family….Kirby is working and ach is in a two day golf tournament 40 miles away and Heather has gone down to watch I am home alone with Boomer..after a hectic schedule I decided to stay home and I relaxed, read, did some trip planning, had a lovely long bath and cooked dinner and I ate outside on the deck not a bad view eh!!!!



I think my green tennis shoes are an added touch to the décor of the deck!!!!

Just heard Zach won  the golf tournament..way to go!!!

Trust your Sunday was a wonderful one…

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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