Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday 13th June 2015….a sports day!!!

The bed in my room is very comfy and I sleep well still waking up around 5am but then going back to sleep….this is a busy household with everyone going off in different directions and for me it was to the tennis club for 10am…I had signed up for the regular Saturday men’s mixer.

It was fun and very well organized..16 players using 4 courts and we played with one partner for 35 minutes and then changed twice so I got to play with lots of different players and they were all good and nice it was a fun time..the club’s grounds are really nice close to Westwood lake.







Came home just in time for the start of a women’s world cup soccer game England V México…this was a good game and I was really cheering for…well I won’t say..England won 2 – 0


Then I decided I needed to take my book and sit and enjoy the sunshine in the back yard!!!

Heather is  away for the weekend so I cooked a little dinner for the boys and then settled in to watch a great hockey game


It is getting down to the wire now one more win for the Blackhawks and they take the championship!!!

The rest of the evening was taking Boomer for a walk doing some trip planning and relaxing!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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