Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday 27th June 2015…….heartache for the women!!!

Well this was going to be a day…….I have a ticket for the soccer game at 4.30 in Vancouver but did not want to give up my morning tennis   so only one option!!!!

tennis was great again good high level of play and where can you play tennis on nice courts with a view of the lake and see a family of deer come to watch…this baby was so small…


After tennis I showered at the club and drove Little Bluey down to the ferry terminal and parked her in the long stay stall and Karen came and got me and drove me to the down town sea plane terminal which was great because it meant when I get of the ferry tonight my car is right there…..the float plane is a wonderful way to get to down town Vancouver, yes it is expensive, but it only takes 20 minutes and the sights are amazing…








When the plane was coming in to land in Vancouver there was a lot of boat traffic and on the downward decent and before the pilot touched down I guess one boat was too close and he aborted the landing and came up again and did another pass before landing..he explained that this does not happen very often but it was especially busy with boat traffic.

It was fun for me to see this right next to the terminal



This will be my home for 39 days when I sail to New ealand the end of September!!!

I enjoyed a slow walk to the soccer stadium and the mood was very festive and patriotic…



I have had the same good seat for all the games……

It was a very entertaining game and of course with England as the opponents my heart was torn as to who to cheer for but I wore my Go Canada Go shirt and apart from a 3 minute spell when Canada fell apart and allowed two goals they were the better team….they managed to pull a goal back before half time but in the second half could not penetrate the tight English defense…..


This sums up the jubilant English players moving on to the semi finals…a fantastic record crowd of over 54 thousand fans…….it was great to be a part of that.

Then it was taking the bus back to the ferry terminal and the three hour wait for the late ferry and home after midnight….so a day does not get much fuller than that one…

Yashi Kochi!!!

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