Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday 15th June 2015…spoke Spanish today!!!!

Had an easy morning and left the house around 11am to do so errands, go to the library and then down town where I had arranged to meet a friend who I had not seen since December…..Ann is a Canadian lady who I met in SMA and I assisted her a little in organizing the Canadian Thanksgiving party last year, she left SMA and moved back to Vancouver but was over on the island with her daughter who was attending a conference so we arranged to meet for lunch.

As I was waiting for Ann in the lobby of the hotel two ladies were sitting by me and talking away in Spanish…it was lovely to hear their accent and I only understood a few of the words but they saw me smiling at them and I asked them what part of México they came from and they told me México city and when I told then I had just left San Miguel they looked happy…….

I took Ann to this cute fish and chip restaurant on the harbor front


It was a nice visit catching up and talking about people we both know…great to see you Ann!!

I then went back to my car put on my walking clothes and walked along the beautiful sea wall…the city has made this such a pleasant experience..come along with me!!!











OK hands up those of you who have had a park named after you for all the work and time you spent in promoting your city!!!



Me neither!!!!

Home in time to watch the first half of the Canada V Netherlands women’s soccer game and I have to admit it was quite boring but Canada did score after about ten minutes……the hockey game was also on a few minutes later and I decided to watch that instead a much more exciting time…I did check later and see that Canada held on for a draw which is good enough to put them into the next round so good for them.

The hockey game was great and the Chicago Blackhawks won the game and the Stanley Cup..


So it may be a while now before you see me write ‘I watched another hockey game tonight”

The days seem to go by so fast!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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