Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday 18th June 2015…mini road tri!!!!!

Well another lovely sleep and off to tennis this morning…the lady who does the scheduling at the club had me matched with John for men’s singles…I love this game and  enjoyed the two sets we played…John was 33 years old and a nice man…I will not tell you the score!!!!

Came home and packed up for a night out and on the road by noon and about 80 minutes later arrived at my destination!!!


This park is right off the main highway from Nanaimo to Victoria and this waterfall is only 100 yards from the highway but not too many people know about it…..




I then found the trail that led to the top of the falls…


Not a fast flow this time of the year but I have seen it in Spring run off very fast…. check out the name of the waterfall….


I then climbed this steep bank


and came to the old trestle bridge…






the views from the bridge were quite wonderful it has not been used now for a number of years…..on the trail down always like those arrows!!!


I then drove about 30 minutes to the small town of Sannich where I am spending the night and another incredible accommodation with airbnb





I was in the tub five minutes later!!!


There are some of my readers, well one actually(you know who you are) who are directionally challenged so this is for  them(her)!!!!


At the top Nanaimo where I am staying….Sannich where I am tonight and Sooke where I am going tomorrow afternoon.

The main reason I came down here is to to watch the semi finals of a Women’s professional Futures tennis match which is being held in the city here…I have seen a few of these events before and the standard of tennis is really good…afterwards a trip to Sooke and then home tomorrow night.



OK OK OK I will tell you I beat John 6 – 0 6 – 0!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!!

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