Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday 16th Aril 2014…Day 11 !

I hope this early waking stops soon It is a bit wearisome waking up at 5.30am each morning I tried to go back to sleep but could not so I just got out my computer and started serious planning on my next phase of the journey Iceland..more on than later.

Said good bye to my very interesting host Diana, she is a delightful lady who wrote an autobiography on her one year journey to Australia and I bought a copy of her book it will be a fascinating read….. and left by 7.30am and was at the ferry terminal a few minutes later….I did have a reservation but it was not too busy…..  we left on time at 8.20am for the 90 minute crossing to Victoria.

Saying goodbye to the States!!


Map picture

The sailing was smooth and even managed to get this quick glimpse…




Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!!!

Arrived on time and at Canadian customs I had no problems this time I only had one bottle of tequila that I was bringing back for Sara my lesson well learned three years ago.

The drive from Victoria to Nanaimo takes about 90 minutes and is a beautiful drive and to show that we Canadians have waterfalls too……


This lovely fall is about 25 minutes from the ferry terminal and the surrounding rain forest beautiful.



I was passing right through the town of Duncan which is where Sara lives so I stopped in for tea and a visit and gave her the bottle and a bag of her stuff she had asked me to bring for her.  Sara is a remote location nurse and she is in between assignments but next week goes out into the wilderness for a few weeks working at a native community.

Map picture

The middle pin is Duncan!!

Back on the road and one hour later I was home



on the Bank and my adopted family.

Some history here….I first met my family Heather, Kirby and their three sons Ben, Alex and  



about 9 years ago..Kirby’s Father Ken was living with them and really sad to say he was suffering from a form of dementia and Heather asked me if I would be willing to spend some time with Ken and take him out and do activities with him..this I was happy to do and we quickly all became friends.  Ken was a wonderful kind and gentle man and we formed a great bond quickly and my fondest memory was a few years ago when they asked if I would be willing to move into the house for a month and be with Ken full time whilst the family went on their first motorhome trip to the east coast…I did this and as they say the rest is history….we became family and sad to say as Ken’s illness became worse he went to live in a care facility and passed away a few years ago.  I was proud to have known Ken and he was always so upbeat and interesting.

As I started my winter journeys returning to Nanaimo for a few months in the summer Heather and Kirby invited me to stay with them and the boys and I did and it was a great relationship..the boys and I got along so well and I attended both Ben’s and Alex’s graduation and happy to say in a couple of weeks I shall be here to see the baby kid graduate and then watch him take off for a golf scholarship in the States… my bedroom is a bit of alright and I love being here and their address is Waldbank Road, so know you know why I say say my family on the Bank!!

My bedroom!!!



Not  a bad view..



Little Bluey resting after giving noble service in the 10 day 5900 km drive!!!


X is my room!!

Heather got home from work at 5pm and Kirby is away at the moment on the west coast of the Island teaching a boating course for the police department but he comes home tomorrow for a few days.

So I have a great home, wonderful family and fabulous friends to visit and it feels good to be in one place for a few weeks. Thanks for everything Heather!!!

What a journey so far  5900  km and sights I shall never forget, new friends that I have made….Little Bluey performed magnificently and I will get her a full service next week.

Hope you enjoyed this first part of my odyssey and thanks for all the e mails and words of encouragement.

Yashi Kochi!!

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