Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday 7th Aril 2014…..Day 2 !!!

Who knows what time I left this morning with all the time changes anyway I had a good sleep and was on the road at 7.30am by the clock in Little Bluey and it was just getting was a good drive along toll highways and then into the mountains again.



This shot below is for my neighbors Serena and Scott…remember this hotel!!!!!


The long and not so winding road!!!


It really was a nice drive through the mountains ..


Just over 7 hours later I was at the USA border town of Douglas


and crossed without any issues!!!!

Good to be back in the States and I got on the freeway and headed for phoenix…..My original plan was to met my friends Esther and Steve who are in Indio, California but they are leaving tomorrow and I did not have enough time to drive there but I am hoping I can catch up with them sometime around the weekend.

Then I found out that other great friends Norma and Croft, who live on Vancouver Island were at an RV park outside of phoenix in  a town called Fountain Hills so I e mailed Croft and we arranged for me to drive to their RV ark and I arrived there around 6pm in who knows what Central or mountain or whatever!!!!…..

It was great to see them we have been friends a long time and when I had Ramona croft would do work on her for me….we had a lovely meal and a couple of hours catching up they are on their way slowly back to Vancouver Island.

Croft had checked for me and I booked a hotel in the small town which after its named is famous for a large fountain which I will see said my good byes


Cannot understand why Croft is smiling so much because his hockey team the Canucks lost their game tonight and are now officially out of the play offs!!!!

Great to see you both again and a safe journey home.

I came into town and found the hotel and it is really nice



and it is right across the street from the fountain.

So today was another long driving day 1175 km   I knew these two days would be long but I have to say it was no problem…the car handled wonderfully and I rested and had lots of drinks and food…from now on the driving days will not be so long.


So another good day tomorrow I start my journey to Yosemite where I have a trailer booked for 3 days whilst I explore the park.

Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft Randle said...

It was great to see you, Les, and to get "The Stories Behind The Stories"! Such an exciting life you lead!

I hope the good weather stays with you as you head north.

helper said...

You could have stayed at our house for free.

helper said...

You could have stayed at our house for free.

mexicokid said...

it was a great visit with Norma and yourself cheers les

Sue and Brian said...

Don't know why our comment came out with 'helper' as the poster - it should be Brian and Sue. Sorry we missed you -

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