Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday 11th Aril 2014…Day 6!!!

Is it just 6 days since I left my lovely home, friends and life in SMA it seems like I have been gone much longer I certainly have accomplished some amazing things.

Had another great sleep and this time woke up at 7am so my sleeps are getting longer…I had a lovely parfait made for me by my hostess and packed up lots of drinks and food and ready for the “killer” hike.

I was at the base of the falls by 9am


Hard to believe I am going to the top of that fall!!!!

So here is the before photo!!!


I know what you are thinking 3 miles what is he whining about well may I remind you there is an elevation gain of 2700 feet!!!!


This new back pack is just the ticket love it…..the blue face cloth pinned to the strap is perfect for wiping my sweaty brow… camera now is fixed in front of me and easy to get at..the two side elastic pockets to store two drink bottle are very accessible and the pack feels like nothing…it stays in place and will be perfect for my Camino.

So back to the hike this was much different to yesterday’s hike where you could hear and see the waterfalls all the time..this one started out with a gain of 1000 feet in one mile and no sign of any water but there were switchbacks after switchbacks after switchbacks after switchbacks…get my drift!!!!

Some view going up



After a few more hundred feet the sound of the water was heard and then the falls themselves!!


X marks my destination…the power of this body of water and the free fall and the noise were all quite humbling!!


This was turning out to be a really hard climb and I made quite a few stops one time to let my artistic talent run amok!!


The cliffs seem to go on for ever…


I still look fairly fresh!!


I look like I am all teeth!!!


Getting near the summit and some times there were hand rails and sometimes not!!



So here we are …



Because of the overhang of the rocks it was not possible to get a good shot of the water cascading over the edge.

I had lunch here and thought I was on top of the world…going down was just as hard and it took me all round 6 hours..remember the photo at the start of me at the sign before I left…

well is this is after the hike!!!




In all honesty this hike was a feat of endurance and quite wonderful but I did prefer the hike yesterday when the waterfalls were always around.

So now back in Ramona 2 and I have seen so much the last three days and I am blessed to have the great health to accomplish these hikes but what I would do for my bathtub in my casita.

As usual with my hikes lots of time to think, plan and look back…..I miss all of my life in SMA from Paola, poker to friends to tennis and  my casita and above all I miss the Mexican people…I so miss their friendliness and their core family values….

So I have made a few plans which finishes with me home in Nanaimo on Wednesday afternoon…..I am not going to do any more long driving days but heading out tomorrow and over to the west coast and then travel the 101 highway north so stay tuned.


I am sad to report I have not received an money for these last three Pearson guides I feel some of you have taken advantage of my generosity!!!

Thanks for all the e mails of good wishes…

Yashi Kochi!!


Rick said...

What brand and model is your new pack? I am very interested in getting one.


living.boondockingmexico said...

Very cool hike! Great pics. That's one I want to do. Maybe we can detour to Yosemite.

mexicokid said...

Chris you must and I can get you in touch with this lady here maybe she will let you boondock for a few dollars the area is stunning.
Rick this is an REI outlook 40 for 99 dollars I love it les

Carol said...

Well, I think it's only proper that since you are our virtual tour guide par excellance.... that our fees are also "virtual"!!! Looks like a stunning visit/hike time to Yosemite. Bet it was a good time of the year to avoid the hoardes of turistas tambien.

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