Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday 19th April 2014….Day 14!!

You will know by now that when I am in San Miguel my Saturday mornings follow a particular pattern which is to have breakfast whilst watching live soccer from England…did you think driving 6000 km north would make a difference!!!!

So here I am this morning having breakfast whilst watching live soccer from England but the only difference is I am STILL IN BED!!!!!



Not a bad way to start the day.  I have checked the forecast for the next two weeks and there is a lot of rain coming…..

At 10 am this morning I went to Karen's house…..I have know Karen for over 20 years and we are great friends but unfortunately in the last few months she has had some health issues and needs to under go two replacements in the next year…..I met her new puppy dog Lily and we went for a short hike into the trails by Westwood lake…it is like a rain forest and very pretty.





We then went back and had some lunch and caught up on all our news.

I then went and did lots of chores in town and passed by the restaurant where I happily worked for 14 years.


I then went to the library which is close to where the condo is located that I used to own.. I bought my condo in 2000 for 65000 dollars and sold it in 2006 for 160000 dollars!!!


It was not this ghastly color when I lived there and also where the piles of dirt are was a tennis court


My condo was the middle one.

This lake is right across the street.


So it was a busy day and when I got back home I took Boomer for a nice long walk and after supper…you guessed it we all sat down and watched hockey!!!

It feels like I have been here for a long time and yet it is not two weeks since I left San Miguel…..blessings les

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