Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday 28th April 2014…Day 23!!!!

Sorry I know this is a day late but later on you will read why!!!

This morning was an early start as Heather’s van was going in for service so I followed her up to the mechanic’s place and brought her back home and then after breakfast took her to work and from there I went to see my foot Doctor.

I have been seeing him for a few years now and he is semi retired but a very jovial man and very direct and I like him.  He remembers me and we talked some about my travels as he cut away a good portion of the callous in between my big and second toe….I also told him about the operation that my doctor in SMA suggested I may need and he told me that at my age and the seriousness of the operation and the length of the recovery time, 5 months, for something like that if it is no bothering me and it really does not that he would recommend that I do not have the procedure…I appreciated his candor and it will give me something to think over.

I then went to my bank where I had ordered some money for Iceland


and for Spain


I then went to the Salvation Army thrift store as I was looking for a pair of rain pants for Iceland and found these(Heather had arranged them on my bed that woman has a sense of humor)!!!


I then came home had lunch and then Boomer and I went for a hike…..I wanted to hike three days in a row to see how I felt and we took off for


and here are some views from the park.






On the way home…


Do you see the deer!!!


So as I am walking home at a cross roads a van stops to let me pass and the lady driver took off her sunglasses and said Les!!!  I looked at her and it was Colleen and she pulled over and got out and we had a wonderful re union.

When I moved to Nanaimo in 1993 I was not in a very good state both mentally and financially and one of the first things I did was when I saw an advert in the local paper for volunteers to man the Crisis Line…I applied was accepted and the very intense course was 3 months and half way through they told me that they did not think I was going to pass the course I sat down with the director and we talked about all sorts of things but mainly about my past relationships and I begged for them to stick with me….long story short…they did I was accepted and I went on to be the longest serving member of the Crisis line a record which still stands today 8 years!!.  So shortly after that I also applied to become a Big brother and after passing their criteria I was also accepted there and assigned to an 8 year old boy called Devon…I also went on to become the longest serving Big Brother….Devon and I were together for 8 years……SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO      Devon's Mum is Colleen!!!!


So we had a good long chat and Colleen told me all about her family and how well Devon turned out he went to Chef school and is now a qualified chef working in a huge restaurant…what a small world.

Boomer and I got home after walking 13 km about 8 miles and I felt good.

I went in Little Bluey to the mechanics and left her there she is being serviced tomorrow and brought Heather's van home.

Next on the agenda was to go across the street to say hello to Matt!!!


Matt is my protégée….When I was reffing I also ran the Education and mentor course for the junior refs and Matt was about 14 and was on my course and let me tell you he was a handful!!!!  He was tall, handsome, funny and a big challenge to me….again a long story short…he was a great young ref and with coaching and advice he went on to become one of the top officials in this province…I have followed his career with pride and he is now listed as the youngest highest ref in BC..but more importantly he has turned out to be a wonderful caring, smart and great young man..well done Matt!!!

Next stop was Karen's house where we had arranged to go out for dinner


Karen was the first person I met when I moved here in 1993, she had a small apartment for rent and I went to look at it and rented it and we just had a wonderful relationship after that and is  today still the same.

We went to a nice pub and had a great meal and then back to her place for tea and a surprise of birthday presents for me….Thanks Karen for all these years of always being there for me!!!

Now it is 10pm and I got home and had to sit and watch a hockey game that one of the boys had recorded for me earlier in the evening……of all the hockey teams playing in the Stanley Cup my favorite apart from the Canadian team of Montreal is the Los Angeles Kings as Great One used to play for them…they lost the first three games and were counted out by just about everyone but they have crawled their way back and last night was a great game which they won and now they play a one game winner take all on Wednesday….so by the time I had watched the game is was 12.30am and I was so tired so that is the reason why the blog is late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is now Tuesday morning and I will post tonight as usual sorry!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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