Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday 4th Aril 2014…..Stella arrives!!

So a little bit of history here I first met Stella about 14 years ago in the border town of Puerto Penasco the same time I first met Linda and Guy….we became friends kept in touch and in my motor home days when I used to travel down the coast I would stop off in Santa Barbara for a few days and visit with Stella……Ashley my tennis star kid is Stella’s granddaughter and the last couple of year we have all met in palm Springs for Ashley’s


tennis tournaments…so we are great friends who don’t see each other often.

Stella arrived to the airport in Leon and took a pre arranged shuttle bus and arrived here around 8am we had tea  and caught up a little bit and then I left to try and sell my hiking boots and back pack to a guy who had called me yesterday…I met with him and he bought them both so I am glad about that.

Stella stayed home and rested and in the afternoon we visited with Serena and Scott downstairs and at 6 o clock took a local bus into town and I showed off some of the sights of the city.




  This is a treat for me to walk around because I am always dashing through on my scooter and miss so much…we had an evening drink whilst watching a lovely sunset and then had dinner at a really nice restaurant and caught up on what is happeneing in our lives what is wonderful for me is that Stella and her two daughters last year walked the Camino so you can imagine all the tid bits of information I am filing away.

So tomorrow is my last full day before I leave early Sunday morning we change the clocks tomorrow night so I think I gain two hours in my drive north.

Want to wish you all a great evening blessings ….les

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