Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday 17th April 2014…Day 12!!!

Well woke up at 6am this morning but did get back to sleep… nice to lay in bed and look out at the ocean!!!

Heather and I left just after 10 am to drive about 150 km to Tofino to go bring back Kirby!!

Map picture

Kirby is staying there teaching a boating course but he has the weekend off so we went to get him and bring him home for four days…Heather drove which was a treat for me to be able to look at the scenery and although it rained most of the way the drive is through rain forests and mountains and very pretty!!!



With all the Spring snow melting there were many small and not so small waterfalls through the trees




There is a huge national park here


We took Boomer with us and we brought our rain gear and went for a long walk on the beach..this gave me a chance to try my new and very light weight rain jacket and it passed with flying colors!!!

The beach walkers




It was a very windy and rainy walk and the surf was wild



After we got dried and warm we went to get Kirby and he drove home almost three hours in the rain and this is from my bedroom window of a storm coming in!!


After supper we all settled down with hot drinks and watched a hockey game(some things do not change).

So I enjoyed seeing the wild west coast and life here on the Bank is great!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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