Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thursday 3rd Aril 2014…..well it does not always go right!!!

I know I am very upbeat and I go with the flow and am blessed for all that I have in my life but I am also human and the last 24 hours have not been a high light of my life…..

Last night something happened that bothered and troubled me and I took those feelings to bed and the obvious happened I could not sleep…tossed and turned until I finally got up at 4am and I was in a dark funk…I Used the time to continue to get my casita ready and then when it got light I carried a big bag of soil up the spiral staircase to my roof top to plant some flowers I had bought.

Whether it was my mood or not being awake but I slipped and lost my footing and I wrenched my back and it hurt…..I continued on and had breakfast did some route planning and then went to play tennis…the last time with this wonderful group till I return…..of course my mood followed me onto the courts and it was the worst game I have ever played no excuse but having a sore back did not help either.

After tennis I went to a friend’s house and Linda tried to get a Camino book that I had bought on line onto my Nexus..this proved really hard and she sent over 3 hours and could not do it and the reason she told me is that when I bought the e book it must have been a corrupt file anyway I have this book that I really need to get on to my Nexus  so will explore other options.

That was a long three hours and I then went grocery shopping and got some things in for Stella………I then decided enough was enough I had to get back smiling again so I decided to treat myself to this


It was a bargain for two hours of treatment and I did a lot of think whilst having this great pampering and I walked out of there a different man with a changed attitude….I look back on my last few months here in SMA and I know I have so many blessings and am so lucky to be living such a wonderful life.

It was not easy to share this with you but I feel it is only right to let you know when life is swell and also when I have one of those rare downers…

So now it is almost midnight and at last the casita looks like a million dollars…food in the fridge, fruit on the counter, wine and chocolates on the table…bed all made and now awaiting my second guest of the year..Stella is due to land in Leon at 5.30am and it is a 90 minute drive and I have arranged for a driver to pick her up and bring her to the casita…..

Yashi Koch!!!

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Croft Randle said...

We all have the odd downer days Les but they are far outnumbered by the great days. The back is the greater concern as you have days of sitting in the car ahead of you.

I am also a little concerned about the US dollars being charged for the massage. I really hope SMA is not turning into another Cozumel where everything is US dollars.

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