Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday 6th April 2014……Day 1 !!!!!

Well after almost 4 years of first hearing about the Camino I took my first step, well actually my first drive towards it and it was a strange feeling leaving SMA which has come to be my home and setting out on the road but I have no expectations and I am willing to embrace each day and take what it offers…..I thank you all for joining me on this journey and for all the e mails of good wishes…so here we go…we are off!!!!

I left at 6.45am and it was dark but just turning towards light I had everything I think I need for 4 months and my cooler was full of drinks, fruit thanks Stella, Banana bread, thanks Serena and cookies thanks Sharyn….I know I made a vow on the start of Lent to eliminate cookies and desserts but what can I say when friends offer me goodies it would be rude to say no..they were all delicious thanks!!

The drive was really uneventful..the roads were excellent, little traffic and quite scenic….I started with a full tank of gas which took me over 700 km and I paid 529 pesos in tolls….some shots along the way!!!



I bet they are old volcanoes or pyramids!!!



To those readers who were thinking thank goodness he is away from that TV and all the blogs about watching soccer, tennis and hockey…..


My Sirius….so on the drive the hours went by so fast by listening to two live soccer games from England and after that Dr.Laura…I love her radio show have not heard her in over a year!!!!

The plan I had was to meet some good RV friends in Indio California late Monday night and have a visit with them as they are leaving Tuesday but I realize it is way too far for me to get there so I am sorry I shall miss them…

so I decided I would drive to this town


and the same hotel where I stayed when I came this way in December.

I arrived at 4.30pm but who knows what time zone  I am  in as we changed the clocks last night before I left in SMA and I think it is one hour difference here and tomorrow will be another hour either backwards or forwards anyway all I know is that I drove for nine and a half hours   975 km and it was an easy and good drive.

The hotel


is simply lovely and a lovely price too…490 pesos is about 41 Canadian dollars or 37 US and it is totally secure my car is 5 feet from the door


and I want you to know after I took this photo I washed and cleaned all the windows and lights…cleaned and polished the inside and took my stuff inside the room just to be on the safe side even though I know it is OK and I have only a little stuff anyway.

The room



Taken from the patio door


After I unpacked I took off and walked around the hotel property for an hour and I enjoyed the exercise and also the view




So this was the journey today


I enjoyed unpacking my big suitcase and sorting it out as I really just threw everything in that I thought I needed and then I treated myself to a cup of tea using my Camino hot water electric heater


it tasted so good…I got some ice and filled up the cooler so I have cold drinks for tomorrow…had a long long shower and now after the blog another tea and going to bed because even though I do not know what time it is I know I am tired.

Day one was great!!!

Tomorrow I shall be in the US of A!!!!

Again will blog if I have Internet.

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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Safe travels!

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