Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday 20th April 2014…Day15!!!

My best sleep so far  7am…..did some computer work and then had a delicious breakfast of home made cinnamon rolls that our good neighbor Ross made..they were the best I have tasted!!!

It was over caste but not raining and as it is turkey dinner tonight and I shall be eating copious amounts a long walk was on my agenda… by 9am Boomer and I were ready to go.


It was a good walk on pavement and we went to an area called Shack Island!!!






Shack Island

This "island" can be reached by pedestrians during lower tides.

Shack Island is a T-shaped, exotic slice of short bluffs and rocky beach amidst the shallow waters that separate Pipers Lagoon from Neck Point to the north.

There've been fishermen's cabins here since before the thirties – back when it was a long rowboat journey from downtown Nanaimo to these prime fishing grounds. The shacks were constructed as weekend shelters.

The "shacks" are rustic in appearance and are often thought to be abandoned, but really they are treasured and used as summer cabins by a lucky few descendants of the original owners. So, please be respectful of these properties if you venture there.

We enjoyed the walk and it was 13km or 8 miles and Boomer was well behaved.

I had a little lunch and then went and did some shopping and got showered and cleaned up and ready for the Easter celebration

DSC03328Ready to go!!!!





…..Heather and Kirby invited a couple of the neighbors over and 12 of us sat down for what was a wonderful feast and great company!!!



Thanks it was a fabulous dinner and evening….

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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