Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday 21st Aril 2014..Day 16!!

Another better sleep but still waking too early…and again another dreary and wet day but not complaining!!!!

I had arranged to go and pick up my friend Annie and take her to see her husband Gordie who is living in a care facility and we arrived that just after 10 am….I have known Gordie for many years and it was really sad to see that he he is now confined to a wheel chair and is not too aware of his surroundings…..must also be so hard for Annie and to think it was less than 4 years ago I attended their 50th wedding anniversary…..I tip my hat to the dedicated workers in these care homes and it always leaves me with a feeling of being so very lucky and blessed to have great health and also to be surrounded by very special friends!!!



P1000951 (1)

After we said good bye to Gordie I took Annie to do some errands and we stopped for tea and then I took her home where I had said I would clean the tops of her high and hard to reach cupboards and I thought I was retired!!!


I got home just after 2pm and even though it was raining I felt I needed to get out into the bush so I found this hike…


Ammonite Falls is named for the fossils that inhabit the stack of sedimentary layers of rock kept slick by the falls. A brief foray into the rock matrix in the Benson Creek Falls Regional Park reveals a vast number of concretions, ball'o'fossils that can be broken open to reveal ancient life. Most concretions contain merely a protean speck, while others house ammonites, snail-like creatures similar in shape and form to the modern Nautilus. These were very common in Paleozoic and Mesozoic oceans, 400 to 65 million years ago. Many large shells are embedded in the stone of the riverbed (one at least is the area of a Nanaimo bus schedule).


It was a lovely trail


and the last part down to the falls you have to go down this steep bank with a rope to help again I stood at the top and I heard Linda saying no way and then I heard my Dad saying well I am going….so I climbed down and was rewarded with this…




Quite special!!!  getting back out was easier than going down and the whole return hike took me about 2 hours.

I was muddy and went when I got home but a long hot shower helped and then we all went out to a very nice restaurant, the Longwood, to celebrate Alex’s 20th birthday tomorrow…..the food was excellent, the waitress very good and it was a wonderful celebration


Ben, Heather, Kirby, Birthday boy Alex and zack!!




….Kirby returns tomorrow to the west coast to continue teaching  so this was nice we could all be together for a last meal as I shall not see Kirby again before I leave……also want to thank Kirby for doing my taxes today too!!

Back at home we had another birthday cake


To celebrate Alex leaving for Australia in July to study in Canberra the cake was appropriate!!!


A wonderful day!!

Yashi Kochi!!   z

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