Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday 22nd April 2014….Day 17!!!

Happy Birthday Alex and also happy Birthday to my good friend Caron!!!

Well the weatherman got it wrong no rain, no grey skies just a lovely sunny but cool day so hiking was on my agenda but first had to say goodbye to Kirby he is going back to the west coast for work and Ben drove him there today.  Thanks for your friendship and your kindness to me all these years!!!

I then packed up a lunch and packed my back pack as if I was going on the Camino…..Crocs fastened to the back of the pack, a good place for my camera, drinks and food loaded and I was off just after 10am and arrived at the trail head 25 minutes later.


A nice trail through forests




Cable Bay Trail

Dodd Narrows

Cable Bay is a must-see for the mid-Island explorer, especially if they will walk the extra kilometer to Joan Point Park at Dodd Narrows — the site of a powerful tidal current. You can sit on the moss here and watch boats as they are carried through the rocky channel, seemingly by ancient monsters.

There is a lot of sandstone "beach" to explore here, especially at lower tides.

It's good to see Mudge Island so close, across the narrows from this beach. And then there is Gabriola Island to the left, then Protection Island, then Duke Point and the Harmac pulp mill (in its massive closeness).

The above was taken from a Nanaimo web site.


After walking through the forest came out at the water



I have walked this trail many times in the past and still cannot figure out why they call it Cable Bay!!!


I then came around the headland to Dodds Narrows this fast flowing water looks very scary!!



Only one boat going through



A nice spot for lunch!!



It was a great hike 8km or 5 miles and afterwards I did some chores in town and saw this car in a parking lot!!!


This is the exact same car, same color of my vehicle that I had when I lived in Bermuda!!!!

I then went to the local post office and asked them if they could weigh my back pack and they did and with two filled one litre water bottles and everything I need, well almost, it weighted 14 pounds so I am happy with that.

I have been home almost a week and really surprised I had not seen any deer in the area..they are always around..well this afternoon I fixed that!!!



This evening was a quiet one watching first a hockey game and then a re recorded soccer game……

The test post below I wrote and took photos with my Nexus and I think I have mastered how to do that so that also is good news.

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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