Monday, August 01, 2016

Monday 1st August 2016.....Leprechauns, leprechauns, leprechauns!!!!

My Mum will forgive me for not saying the usual first of the month Rabbits!!!  I figure when in Ireland!!!!

leprechaun (Irishleipreachán) is a type of fairy in Irish folklore. They are usually depicted as little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who partake in mischief. They are solitary creatures who spend their time making and mending shoes and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If captured by a human, they often grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom. Like other Irish fairies, leprechauns may be derived from the Tuatha Dé Danann.[1] Leprechaun-like creatures rarely appear in Irish mythologyand only became prominent in later folklore.
Just where did July fly away to.........
Had a wonderful sleep and breakfast and on the road again by 9.00am....and it was pouring rain

My first stop was here

History of the Rock of Cashel

Legend associates the Rock of Cashel with St. Patrick, but the name comes from Caiseal, meaning "stone fort," and the hill was originally the residence of the kings of Munster. Excavations have revealed some evidence of burials and church buildings from the 9th or 10th century, but it was in the early 12th century that the Rock began to be developed into a major Christian center.
In 1101, Muirchertach O Briain, king of Munster, gave the Rock of Cashel to the church. A round tower, which still stands today, was erected shortly after this. A decade later, in 1111, Cashel became the seat of an archbishop. (At the time there was only one other archbishop in Ireland, located in Armagh.) The original cathedral was located where the choir of the present one now stands, but nothing is known of it.
Cormac's Chapel, a magnificent little Romanesque church that still survives today, was consecrated in 1134, probably for Benedictine monks. The town of Cashel at the foot of the rock was founded by the archbishop sometime before 1218 and a Dominican priory was established in 1243. The present cathedral was erected in the 13th century as well.

The frescoes in Cormac's Chapel, which are the oldest Romanesque wall paintings in Ireland, were covered with whitewash at theReformation (16th century) and remained hidden until the 1980s

I had a choice to make follow the hordes of tourists or not go into the grounds save myself some money and walk down to the hill to see the Abbey so I did that.....this is my first view of the Castle

This brought back mixed memories of when I completed the Camino and walked into the square and my first view of the Cathedral there was the same completely covered with scaffolding!!!!
So glad I decided to walk down to the Abbey!!

 Looking back at the Castle and the tourists!!!

I really enjoyed the serenity of walking through the grounds and let my mind wander and try to imagine how it would have been to be living here...these are great ruins!!!
 I like this shot taken througha gap in the wall of the Abbey!!!

I was then back on the motorway for about an hour
 Rained all the way!!!


As if I did not talk enough already this afternoon I kissed the Blarney Stone!!!!

As if I needed help to have the gift of the GAB!!!
Even though it rained the whole time I enjoyed the tour of this amazing have to climb to the top of the tower to kiss the stone lots of tourists and I reckon I waited about 30 minutes but it was fun....enjoy the photos and the sayings...

After the castle I drove to Cork Airport there was a Budget rental car agency there and I just needed to try to change my car not happy with it at all.....I did not want to drive right to the arrivals office and face all the problems of parking so I found the Budget office where the cars are returned and cleaned and there I spoke to a really nice guy and explained the issue of not getting the right car when I first rented and the fact it reminded me of driving a tank(as if I know what it is like to drive a tank!!!)......He said he would make a call and 2 minutes later he took me outside and pointed to a small black car and said "Do you like that one?"  For sure I did and he said OK no worries change all your stuff over and away you that is what I did.....this car is perfect for me!!!
Here it is outside the air bnb where I am staying now all we need is a name...My scooter is Little Blackie so I think I need to name this car Blarney after the day I had!!!!

Bridig and her her husband Craig met me and had tea and fresh out of the oven scones waiting for me and we had a chat.....the place is great for me but I have to chuckle to myself the differences in the stays I have last night was a pristine home all very lavish and wonderful this home is a family home lived and worked in and very cluttered but all clean BUT the friendliness of the hosts just as wonderful...had a nice relaxing evening ending with a lovely hot bath.
I hope the rain goes away as I have some wonderful coastal drives coming up for the next few days.
For whatever reason today my mind constantly was going back to my life in San Miguel and how I love the life style I have there and how wonderful it will be to be going back......just saying!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

I miss San Mihuel everyday. Ireland sure is beautiful though...

mexicokid said...

yes SMA gets into your blood and yes indeed a lovely country here too L

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....