Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday 31st July know it is going to be a good day when.....

your first stop of a day long mystery tour is
Something a little bit different check out the gorgeous sky..this is

Ireland’s Highest Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall is Ireland’s highest at 121m (398ft.) and is 6km from the Main Estate. It is set in one of Ireland’s most beautiful parklands at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains.
As you drive from the gatelodge towards the Waterfall you are surrounded by Beech, Oak, Larch and Pine trees some of which were planted over 200 years ago. Look out for the Giant Redwoods, which are native to Northern California where they may grow up to 80m high and live for 4,000 years so they are still youngsters!
The Waterfall is an ideal location for summer picnics and barbecues. There is a vast amount of space to keep children entertained. There is also a playground for younger children. But be mindful of the other inhabitants of the parkland! It is a haven for wildlife and children can have fun trying to spot some of the locals – the Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Raven and the Willow Warbler. Some other inhabitants are the Sika Deer which were introduced to Ireland in 1858 and there may be a red squirrel or two.
Don’t fret if you forget your picnic as there is a kiosk on site that serves everything from coffee and tea to hot-dogs and ice-cream. The kiosk is open everyday from the 1st June to the end of August and year round at weekends, if weather permits. There is ample car parking and toilet facilities at the waterfall. Dogs are welcome but they must be on a leash.

I just want to say that I am frugal but also do not mind spending money on good value...the cost to get into these grounds was 5.5 Euros about 9 Canadian dollars which is reasonable except there was no walking tracks only a restaurant there so once you have seen the falls that is it compare it with the next attraction which was free!!!

This is worth a Google to read all about the history.  It was a magnificent area and I spent over two hours here...enjoy as I did!!!

Aren't the round towers cool!!!

A beautiful walk through the woods by the lake with Camino arrows!!!!

A nice way to end the visit...back on the small mountain pass roads
You can see by the clouds that I was lucky to have sunny skies for my walks this morning...
Reminds me of Mexico except sheep instead of cows!!
It seems every small town has some wonderful historical churches!!

Around 2.00 pm I pulled into the medieval city of Kilkenny although it should also be called the city of lovely flower boxes!!

I love the reflection shot!!
This is the reflection!!

My next stop was this magnificent Cathedral...

I paid 3 Euros and enjoyed my climb to the top!!!

The view from the top,,,,

I went into a local Pub and had a real Irish was good!!!!

Around 5.00 pm I drove about 15 minutes to my stay for tonight!!!
 They have two rooms and this is mine..
 The breakfast area and lounge where i am writing this...
 The view from my bedroom window
The hosts are lovely and already had fresh carrot and strawberries and was a long but great day amazing at how kind everyone is!!!
Yashi Koch!!


Carol said...

So beautiful Les!! I am Scots-Irish so it's wonderful to see this country... :)

mexicokid said...

it is lovely and next month I see Scotland!!! Hope the art classes are going well best wishes les

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Beautiful scenery, and Kilkenny is my favourite beer.

mexicokid said...

well lots of pubs here for sure cheers les

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