Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday 22nd August 2016....there is a strange object in the sky!!!

Yes it is weird out the kitchen window I saw it myself it was bright, shining and giving off a certain warmth ..... I think I like it!!!!!

Spent the morning at home doing chores the biggest one is cleaning Esmeralda's cage when I tell you she weighs almost 9 kg which is huge for a rabbit you can have an inkling of how much you know what is involved!!!

Anyway everything clean, Maddy and Dudley walked and fed and around noon I left on another little road trip to

I enjoyed the walk around the canal..

Nice track..

Two churches in one!!!
Love these thoroughbreds!!!
On the way back aw a sign for this abbey and took a detour...

Great location!!!

Beautiful old ruins, gorgeous setting and all to myself!!!

Too this shot about 100 yards from the house check out the young lady herding them!!!
Cooked a good Yorkshire dinner Bangers and Mash.......a nice bath and tonight some reading and a bit of TV!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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Croft said...

The goats are showing you their best side! Happy to see you are getting at least a taste of the sunshine that we have been hogging on this side of "the pond". Keep having fun Les!

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