Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday 26th August 2016...a mini road trip!!

It was a lovely day and I had planned an outing and after the animal chores and walking I was on the road by 9 am for about a 75 km drive to here...

I found the cost for this site to be extremely reasonable for a guided tour with only 12 others, a boat ride and walks and history all for 6 Euro...

The photos are not good sorry..  the caves go on for almost 7 km and we walked about 2 km really fascinating and hard to imagine how these caves were discovered all those years ago with very limited equipment!!!

Marble Arch Caves are one of Europe’s finest show caves allowing visitors to explore a fascinating, natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers.
Located at Florencecourt, County Fermanagh, the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark is host to one of Europe’s finest showcaves allowing visitors to explore a fascinating, natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers. Lively and informative guides conduct tours past a bewildering variety of cave formations – stalactites glisten above stream ways and chambers while fragile mineral veils and cascades of creamy calcite coat walls and spread as shimmering terraces across rock strewn floors. Spectacular walkways allow easy access while powerful lighting reveals the stunning beauty and grandeur of the caves. Electrically powered boats glide through huge caverns carrying visitors along a subterranean river.
Tours last for 75 minutes and are suitable for people of average fitness. Comfortable walking shoes and a warm sweater are recommended.
I love the big sky and the hills...

My next stop!!!
Don't you like most of these historic places have tails of goblins or giants or fairies....
It was a short walk which I had all to myself!!!

The Shannon Pot’s fame can be traced back to the very early times of the legendary Finn MacCool and the Fianna, the great warriors of Irish mythology. Legend has it that Síonnan, the daughter of Lodan (a son of the Celtic God of the Sea, Lír), came to the Shannon Pot in search of the great Salmon of Wisdom. The great salmon was angered at the sight of Síonnan and caused the pool to overflow and drown the maiden. Thus the Shannon was created and still bears her name today. 

The significance of the Shannon Pot is carried down in the ancient Irish name Legnashinna or Log na Sionna. The word Log (also Lug or Leg) in ancient Irish translates as a hollow or a pit but can also have an extended meaning as ‘The Place’ indicating a site of great importance. The association of this name with the longest river in Ireland and the circular nature of the Shannon Pot strongly suggest that this site is one of great cultural and possibly religious significance during Celtic times. 

The Shannon Pot is located along the Blacklion to Glangevlin Road (R206) in West County Cavan and is marked by brown tourist signs. The site provides ample parking and a picnic area. Interpretation is available both within the car park and at the Shannon Pot itself. The Shannon Pot is along the Cavan Way, a long distance walking route that starts at Blacklion and ends in Dowra. The Shannon Pot is a key site in the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark - an area of unique geological importance in Cavan and Fermanagh.

A lonely stretch of highway!!!
or maybe not so lonely!!!
The owners Val and Austin and girls come home Sunday afternoon and tomorrow I am staying home to get things ready so how fitting I end my time here with a waterfall, albeit a small one!!!

On the track down I think they are saying 'What are ewe looking at?"  YOU   EWE.... GET IT??????

A lovely waterfall!!!

Back home walked the dogs and fed Finbar who seems to be feeling better.....a quiet evening and doing some final plans..I fly out on Monday morning but more on that tomorrow.....

I think in some countries this weekend is a holiday weekend so I wish you all a great safe and happy weekend...

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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