Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday 18th August, walking, watching!!!!

It does appear I am in a routine!!!!!   No matter what the weather my mornings seem to be the same with today the added ingredient of house cleaning!!!

Around noon I took Maddy and Dudley for a long walk and then loaded up the re cycling and off to the depot and then to this small town 15 km away...
How on earth does one learn this language???
This was my hike for today!!
Even though it was not a sunny day it is not cold....
An interesting hike first my the golf course
Then by the lake

I like the avenue of trees...

I somehow did my usual and took a wrong turn and finished up back on the road which added at least another 3 km to the walk but I don't mind at was enjoyable.
As I was going through town I saw a sports store and I have not as yet bought myself an Irish shirt so I rectified that as you will see a little later on!!!
My "guys" are always waiting for me when I get home!!!
I have received a few e mails from some of my female readers telling me they are enjoying the blog reading and see the sights of Ireland but requesting more photos of me especially the bath ones and you know me always aim to please...


The shot below may not be suitable for all viewers...discretion is advised!!!!!

My new shirt!!!

How about the stubble??  many times I was stopped today and asked "Are you George"   CLOONEY !!!!! get it?????

Enjoyed a great toasted bacon and tomato sandwich for dinner and now the guy and watching Rio games with me!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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