Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday 16th August 2016....a novel idea!!!!

Ok here are your instructions...STOP reading this now.....now go back and read yesterday's post......Ok done that then all you have to do for today's blog is insert a different walk and that is my day exactly the same as yesterday!!!!

Today's walk is 1 km away from the house..

Wonderful views as I go up..
I know the windmills are out of focus but I like the shot!!
Even though it is not a Camino arrow I still enjoy seeing them on the trails!!
My Grandma Pearson always told me that cows that are laying down know it is about to rain...well apart from the bright one in the left hand corner they all got it wrong!!
See that mast in the center that is where I am heading..
Made it!!!

and really nice views of the surrounding counties!!

Now watching the live soccer game from Rio between Canada and Germany..the Canucks are down a goal so GO CANADA GO!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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