Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Tuesday 2nd August 2016...A beautiful drive!!!

On the road by 8.30 am and it was a cloudy but dry morning...get your google maps out and look for the Beara peninsular in Southern Ireland.....I was going to drive three quarters of the way around it today!!!

Must say even after a few miles i am thrilled with the new car Blarney handles really well and a joy to drive.....I love this town.....Can you imagine somebody asking you where you are from...you smile and you say "I live in........
No need really for any comments from me just fasten the seat belt and let's go!!!

 In the photo above you will notice a waterfall in the right top corner
 I tried to find a way to hike there but could not and this below was as far as I could go without crossing many bogs!!!
 This hairy guy was about three feet tall!!!!
 Now I know where the red and blue sweater I bought last year came from!!!
 So many beautiful flowers everywhere!!

 I had read about Dursey Island and the only cable car in Ireland that takes you across and i wanted to do it...

 There were lots of vehicles here and I paid my 8 Euro ticket and got in line...I was a way back and after watching and timing the cable car I realized i would spend all day here.....the car only takes 6 persons and it is a 15 minute return journey and there were 38 folks in front of me...so I figured no way I got a refund on my ticket and have the photo as a memory....
More fantastic landscapes!!!

Look closely for the horse!!!

Nothing much in this photo right...wrong.....look in the middle at the top..
 Cannot see..OK I will use my trusty zoom on my new camera!!!

 This lovely cemetery in the middle of no where!!!
After a glorious day I arrived at my stay and again another wonderful place and hosts...

 Rose and I sat here with tea and biscuits and chatted and she told me of a walk for me to do today and one for when I leave tomorrow...
 I first walked into the pretty colorful village

 and then walked up this road for 2 km
 to this nice lake...

At 6.00 pm on the way back I stopped into the local pub and had great fish and chips.....tonight the usual.....what a day!!!

I took this photo from Daniela's face book page ..she is on the left...my how she has grown!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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