Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tuesday 9th August 2016...House sitting begins!!!!

A repeat of the glorious breakfast that I had yesterday Angela is the supreme host.....I was on the road by 10 am for 240 km drive to Dublin...it was spitting with rain most of the way and quite uneventful......

I arrived at the Budget car agency office which surprisingly enough is a way out of the city in a small neighborhood with lousy signs and a nightmare of a parking lot to return the car.....after everything signed I asked for a courtesy ride to down town and was told they do not offer that service!!!

So my final comments about this company is that I shall not be using them ever again....I took a taxi to down town and waited in the Hilton Hotel where Austin came to pick me up and we drove home....it took almost 1.5 hours with all the rush hour traffic but it gave us time to get to know one another.

The house is lovely set in the country with great views and Val and their girls Emma and Meghan are adorable and I met my furry friends for the next 20 days.....We sat around a wonderful chicken dinner getting to know each other and like every other place I go fabulous kind folks!!!

It will be nice to be in one place for a while and get into a routine that does not mean a new bed and house every night.

I received a survey from Budget in my e mail tonight and I filled it out.... all poor...wonder if they even read them.....

So a new little adventure begins...stay tuned!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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