Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday 28th August 2016...My last full day in Ireland!!!

Well these three weeks sure went by in a flash and we are almost at the end of another month.....I have enjoyed being in one lovely place and taking care of the animals I realize that dogs are unconditional great friends and companions!!!!

I took my time and just did some house cleaning and arranging my stuff  and making sure my plans for the next few days are in place......

The family arrived home around 6.30 pm and it was lovely to see them and hear all the exciting stories from Emms and Megs they are lovely young girls with such inquisitive minds......

I was amazed when they left how they got all their stuff into the car and even more amazed when I see what they brought back!!!!

Austin offered to drive me to the airport tomorrow but after all the driving he has done and he does every day and tomorrow being his day off I said no thanks but asked him to drive me to the next town about 15 km away where I can get a bus to Dublin.

So the plan for tomorrow is he will drop me off at 9.30 am and I will take the bus into Dublin city and from there take the airporter bus to the airport for my 2.00 pm flight to Glasgow which only takes 50 minutes.

Then take another airporter bus to Glasgow center where I have a car booked and then drive about 7 miles to my air bnb stay for tomorrow evening and on Tuesday start my tour of Scotland...I have to be back in Glasgow for the tennis on 16th September so my route is to go up the west coast and along the top to John O' Groats and then come down the east coast.....I have made bookings for the first 9 a new adventure begins.

Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors and I love this...

farewell Ireland!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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