Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday 10th August 2016....settling in!!!

It was a bit frantic around the house this morning with the family packing to get off on their camping trip to France ...I felt sure there was no way that they were going to fit all the stuff in and the girls but they did and off they went on their almost three week adventure.....
I spent the day at the house getting to know the animals....

Dubh dhá  
 Translation from Irish to English Black Two!!!
the lovely home

The dogs are really easy very friendly and a joy to be around..the kitty is getting on in years but is no trouble, the rabbit as long as I feed her is fine and the fish are really easy to take care of the pets...the views across the meadows are lovely when it is not foggy and rainy and I am going to enjoy my stay here....
Yashi Kochi!!!!

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Grace Arrowsmith said...

That would be Dubh a dó ......or An dara dubh!!!
They just don't speak the lingo in Westmeath!

Thursday 15th March 2018.....another great day!

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