Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Wednesday 3rd August will be jealous when............

More about the jealousy later!!!!
Two family birthday's today to celebrate.....My great Nephew Tom is 12 years old today he is growing so fast and doing so well in school and life...Happy Birthday Tom when I get back we will meet on the tennis courts again!!!

My lovely cousin Shelia who is my Mum's sister's daughter, her husband Peter is....I don't know how old but wish him a great Birthday as well!!!

Rose made me a wonderful breakfast of cereal, fruit, yogurt and poached eggs and bacon...kept me going for a while......

I continued my drive around the Beara Peninsular with some more lovely colorful homes...

I do not know why I took this I just liked it!!
More spectacular views...

Stopped in a small town and got some great leaflets from the Visitor's center and walked down some shops I sneaked this photo of a card in a shop
I missed the bottom of the card but the rest of the caption was "Does not constitute going to church"

I then Joined the highway going around the Ring of Kerry
and the amazing views continued and also the dreary weather!!

Enjoyed the walk to this Abbey and what a location for a final resting place...

 These cows were grazing just over the other side of a wall when I took this shot
 because of the wall I felt safe and started talking to them and calling them and to my total surprise they started to come towards me...just call me the cow whisperer!!!

This really was a great drive.....

Now you find out why you may be just a tad jealous!!!

My airbnb place!!!!!

 Yes we will know where I will be later...but check out the view from my room's window!!!
The camera does not do justice it is amazing the ocean, the fields the sky juts fatanstic and what is even better I had booked this room for 2 days...I needed to stay put for more one night and how lucky to have this place to do it in....
My hostess Clare is lovely... had the usual tea and biscuits and she told me of a lovely 3 hour hike around the view below so after I got settled in I donned my boots and away I went!!!

This is with my super zoom my room 2nd window from the left and I was at the beach taking this!!!

It was a great hike!!!
Enjoyed my soak in the tub and a sandwich for supper and as I write this the view outside!!!!!

If you look at the map and see Sneem up towards the left I am about 2 cm to the left!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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