Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday 13th August know what I do on Saturdays..right???

Of course it should be re named Sportsday!!!!!  Can I help it if the TV inundates me with lovely different sports to watch??  What am I supposed to do go cut the grass, wash the windows, read a book??

So I sit in this lovely house with great views of the lush green(should be with all the rain)rolling hills,

 my animals around me, food in the fridge and watch TV!!!!  I don't even feel guilty writing that!!!!!

I found out that the main local pub in town has live original Irish music playing and the show starts at 10 I went along had another great meal and my goodness it was packed and it was  such talented and entertaining men two on guitars and one on a penny flute........

a great way to end Sportsday!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Ingibjorg said...

Les this sounds fantastic. !

mexicokid said...

it is perfect les

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