Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday 21st August 2016....Just Like my Grandma and Granddad Pearson did.......

I know it sounds repetitive but it is the truth...raining again!!!!

I needed to get out so after my chores I followed in  my Grandparent's footsteps or in this case driving steps.....I went on a little mystery tour.......something they often did on Sunday's after they came back from church!!.
About 35 minutes away I came to the town of Ballyconnell and saw that there was a good walking track and as luck would have it the rain had stopped so off I went!!

 A very colorful arrow pointing to a nice track by the canal..

Here below we have a great example of one with a sweater and one without a sweater!!!

It was great to get some walking in and the trail was very pleasant and no one about!!

On the way home took a little detour
which was not too can always tell when you are probably not on the right road when there are hedges close by and grass on the road!!!!

Arrived home around 5.00 pm and it started to rain so I time my trip just about right.
I know you think I have watched tons of Olympics this last 10 days and I have but because of the time difference a lot of the great events I missed so i was happy to find tonight that BBC was showing in great detail highlights from each day!!!

So a lovely dinner and bath and now the blog and then what????????

Yashi Kochi!!!

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