Thursday, August 04, 2016

Thursday 4th August 2016....a special day for many reasons!!

The below is my post from two years ago and I see no reason to change it now…


Sunday 4th August 2013……a very special lady!!!!
Was born this day in 1918….my MUM!!!!!
She was without a shadow of a doubt one on the most wonderful and special people to walk this earth…..always so caring and giving she was the light of my life and even though I spent all of my adult life thousands of miles away form her our bond and connection was a joy to behold.   Sadly Mum passed away way too early on Valentine’s Day 1995….she remains in my heart and I love you!!!
Bermuda in the 1970’s!!
Can you believe they put me in a dress??????

I left the curtains open last night so I could see the view from my bed!!!!
Clare made some delicious porridge followed by poached eggs and bacon a great start for anybody's day!!!
I then I was off on a mystery tour...I do like these days not knowing where I may end up on no time restriction and as an added bonus wonderful warm sunny day...
My first stop..

Love the way the sun shines on the ocean or as my brother insists I call it the sea!!!
Beautiful flowers on the road but you have to be careful they are so narrow!!!
Glorious vistas!!!

This is a magical place and the views take your breath away!!!!

I was walking along and a lady stopped me and asked if I would take a photo of her, her daughter and her dog....she gave me her cell phone but she could not get it to work so I said no worries I would take some photos for her and I gave her my e mail and she will e mail me tonight and I will send them to her she was delighted and this was the best shot I took for her..

I then found out I could take a boat trip to a couple of islands

No comments about my attire!!!!

This is only the second rock in Ireland where the Gannets nest our Captain told us there were at the moment around 20,000 females on that rock!!!!

This is the other island close by and if you look really carefully in the middle at the top you will see the remains of a 12 th century abbey!!!!

On the way home have to watch those cars!!!
Clare told me there was a good music group performing in the local pub tonight and that the food was great at 8.00pm I drove down had a wonderful meal and the trio were amazing what a fun night!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Carol said...

Breathtaking Les! And with the boat ride looks like a marvelous day... cheers!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Such wonderful views and some blue sky too! Nice to see you got on the water.

mexicokid said...

thanks it was just a great day and of course i love being on the water this Ring of Kerry is a bucket list destination...cheers les

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

The beehive is a bit like the Italian Trullo. Wonderful pictures, really miss the place. Cheers.

mexicokid said...

you are welcome glad i can bring back memories Les

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