Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday 20th October 2011…time for the sweater and sweat pants!!!

First of all I have posted the reply I received tonight from Passport America….now that is how to run a company!!!!!

Good morning Mr. Pearson, Thank you very much for contacting me regarding your concerns with the North Folk park.My most sincere apologies for any inconvenience as a result of the experience you had at the parks during your recent travels. Regarding your concerns,once a park receives three complaints from our members without rectifying the situation, that park is pulled from our program. We do not share your information with the campground as to who made the complaint as you can rest assured this is done anonymously. I do understand how you feel, other members have felt the same way but what they have found out is their good camping experiences out weigh the bad and that by the end of the year they have more than paid for their membership fee and usually save anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of dollars per year on their travels. Again, Thank you for taking the time to email us and I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I am adding a 3 month extension to your account for the difficulty you endured. Always Happy to serve you, I hope you have many wonderful travels. :)


Good job Passport America!!!

Yet another great sleep and woke up to sun but very chilly wind…..I left Wal-Mart around 9am and got back on to the

ocy20 001

This Parkway stretches almost 400 miles from Virginia into North Carolina and into Tennessee…it is slow going with twisty roads but very beautiful!!!

ocy20 002-1

ocy20 023-1

ocy20 019

This was my first stop!!  First time I have hiked in long sweats and coat and gloves!!

ocy20 004-1

It was a steep climb but that only means one thing for the way down…the path

ocy20 012

The views from the top!!

ocy20 011

ocy20 008I like this photo!!

It was a good workout and back at Ramona I had brunch made myself an omelette just as good in my opinion as the ones on the cruise!!!

My next stop

ocy20 025

Now this is mis-leading because I cannot find it listed on any list I checked…but still very spectacular!!!

ocy20 026

ocy20 028


ocy20 032

ocy20 038

ocy20 039

ocy20 045

ocy20 046

ocy20 044

ocy20 041

ocy20 042

The bridge was well worth seeing but a little something inside tells me that to charge 19 dollars to see it is a bit much!!!

I came off the parkway at 5pm and my trusty GPS got me to the Wal-Mart

ocy20 054

where I am settled in for the night.

This Wal-Mart has a gas bar check out the price!!!

ocy20 053

If you buy a gift card from Wal-Mart and present it for paying for gas you get 10% I went and bought a car and shall fill up with $3.01 gas tomorrow the cheapest so far not sure what it is in Canadian dollars but cheap for sure!!

There is a big Mall here and I went to Sears to buy some laundry supplies for Linda in SMA and I am now in Starbucks, who have free Wi-Fi, posting this…back to Ramona for a shower and the tea and movie thing!!


Feel bad no one shouted at me today!!!

Map picture


Elaine said...

What a way to run a business indeed, so pleased you had an answer to your letter.
Elaine in Saltair BC

Esther said...

$3.01 per gallon works out to .799 cents per litre using today's conversion rate. Pretty good compared to $1.29 which is what it is in Ottawa right now.
What is it with you guys and your self injuries?

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