Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday 29th October 2011…isn’t is supposed to be warm in the south???

This morning it was cold and damp and that breaks one promise I made to myself 5 years ago when I started all this…never to be cold again!!!

As the morning went on it did get warmer and the sun came out…..I helped Danna with a few household chores and then we went off to the country…..

The colours here are just magnificent and fall is a special season!!

octt29 003

octt29 013

The real pro!!!

octt29 008

This is the best river shot I think!!

octt29 020

It was just really so much beauty everywhere!!

octt29 033octt29 026

octt29 037

octt29 021

It was a lovey afternoon but really cold!!!

Danna is slaving away in the kitchen…Bangers and Mash on the menu!!!!!

A perfect Fall day ending with tea and a movie!!!


Croft said...

Beautiful country! We never made it to Tennessee even though it is on Norma's list. She wants to see the horses. It sure looks cold though!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Brrr. Time to head further south!

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