Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday 21st October 2011……Another new State then an old one!!!

Sunny and warmer this morning that nasty wind had gone away!!!

I got back on the Parkway and the scenery continues to be very lovely!!

oct21 002

oct21 003

oct21 011

I had a plan as to where I wanted to stop and hike but the plan was thwarted when I came upon a detour sign the Parkway was closed!!

oct21 014See they actually have a line!!

So I took the detour but could not figure out how to get to the Park I wanted to go to so I stopped in at a roadside Realty office…the lady there was so nice and when she found out where I was going not only did she give me perfect directions she also told me the best hike to take in the Park and she also told me about another hike about 35 minutes away…people are so nice to me!!!

So I found my way to

oct21 017

The hike was about 4 miles and this is the first sign you see

oct21 023

Yea right!!!

The trail was a bit steep but very scenic

oct21 020

oct21 018

oct21 028

This was a most unusual formation!!   The rock not my pose!!!!

oct21 029

Now for my female viewers you wanted skin!!!  Here it is!!

oct21 032

So back to that warning sign!!!!

It has been about two months since I took that tumble in Nova Scotia and I thought today might be a good day for another one!!

So X marks the spot

oct21 036where I decided to do a face plant!!

I must have tripped on something and fell face first into the trail I put my right hand out to protect my face and my right elbow and wrist took most of the fall but I was so upset because I was carrying my camera in my right hand….anyway the camera is still working but I am a little bit battered…some graphic photos!!

oct21 037


oct21 040

oct21 042

The cuts to my elbow are quite deep but I was lucky enough again to get away with what could have been a serious issue.

Thanks to Sara and Heather for their gifts of medical supplies to me I was able to play Doctor Pearson…a little hard to bandage one’s self…but got all cleaned up and apart from a sore finger, shoulder and elbow I am fine!!!

Had a cuppa tea that always helps!!

Then drove about one hour to the next hike at

oct21 066

and I was also back in

oct21 044again!!

I could not believe the change in temperature one hour ago I was hiking in shorts and for this hike back to long pants and sweaters!!

There are supposed to be wild ponies on this trail!!

oct21 047

oct21 049

Another beautiful trail!!

oct21 053What is that horrid white stuff….snow!!!!!

Didn’t see any wild ponies but did see lots of evidence!!

oct21 056

oct21 058

So now I have had supper a shower and feel a little bit beat up so going to watch a movie after i go to MacD’s and post this!!!

Map picture

I have a short drive tomorrow to the home of a couch surfer where I shall stay one night……life is good!!

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Croft said...

Be careful Les, you are getting some permanent blemishes on that body you are so proud of! What will your lady friends say?

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