Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday 16th October 2011…a day of history!!

An easy morning drive of about 60 miles to

oct16 004

The Visitor Centre was very interesting and I decided to take the self guided tour..24 miles and also decided it would be much easier on Bonita!!

So join me on a tour of the most famous battlefields in US history!!!

oct16 006

Before he gave this speech he gets a little bit of advice!!!

oct16 003

oct16 002

oct16 005

oct16 007

oct16 016

It is hard to imagine these lush meadows being the scene of so much carnage!!!

oct16 015

oct16 018

oct16 025

oct16 026

oct16 029

oct16 031

oct16 032

oct16 034

oct16 035

oct16 036

oct16 037

oct16 038

oct16 040

oct16 043

oct16 045

oct16 044

It was a lovely 4 hours and I enjoyed and learned lots!!!

Now I am in the State of

oct16 048

I enjoyed this bumper sticker!!

oct16 049

So now it was 3pm and I was about 40 miles outside of Washington DC and I had done some planning and found a town with a train station that would take me into the city and as luck would have it Shady Grove proved to be the perfect town!!

I found a great Safeway in a nice area

oct16 053

oct16 052I went in and spoke to the young Manager and asked permission to stay overnight and then the next day till tomorrow night and he told me no problem at all!!

So I am all set up I even have Internet!!  The train station is a ten minute walk away and I went there this evening and bought my $1.85 ticket one way into the city!!

oct16 050

Back in the Safeway I bought a nice salad and they don’t have Red Box but they do have

oct16 051

same deal!!  So I have a new Morgan Freeman movie called the Contract to watch and maybe a small piece of strawberry shortcake!!

My travels so far…that is a long way!!!

oct16 054

Map picture

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