Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday 8th October 2011…….and it just keeps on going!!!

Left Kath and Glenn’s at about 10am and again I want to say a huge thank you to them and their children for allowing Ramona and I to stay at their house!!!!

It was all Interstate driving and after about 2 hours I was close to the peninsular of

oct8 004

I just made one stop at a huge truck and car wash and gave Ramona a good clean as you will see from later photos!!!

My destination was East Falmouth

Map picture

and what a beautiful area it is!!!

I had been invited to stay with one of my tennis buddies from San Miguel and around 3pm I pulled into Gregg’s yard… was good to see him again and I met his wonderful family including his Mum and Dad, 91 and 92 years young!!!!  His son Chris and beautiful wife Sarah and their adorable children Georgia and Henry…..Gregg’s wife is already in San Miguel.

They have a beautiful lot with an older home and cottage  and you can see Ramona is quite well settled in and close to the ocean!!

oct8 005

oct8 006

oct8 007

See how shiny!!!

We sat and chatted and then the whole family and I went across the street to the Yacht club for a cocktail party…this is really a lovely area and all the people were so friendly to me.  We then came home and Sarah and Chris cooked a wonderful meal and we had great conversations.

So it is now 11pm and here I am in Ramona thinking just when does it end…yet another family takes me in feeds me, entertains me and open up their home and lives to me I am just so blessed.

The weather is supposed to be in the 80’s the next couple of days so tomorrow it is tennis at 10 am and then who knows!!!

Life for sure is good!!

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