Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday 10th October 2011….. Martha’s Vineyard!!!

First of all I would again like to thank Robin for sending these 2 photos to me of the girls at Casa Hogar!!!

gir2Daniela is in the pink T shirt!!


Paola is in the middle here!!

Sunny morning again and Gregg and I set out at 8.30 am for a day at Martha’s Vineyard…now hands up those that knew that Martha’s Vineyard was an Island!!!  I did not not!!!

Gregg has a great little boat and soon we were on the high seas!!

oct10 002

As you can tell by the photo below it was a cool, cloudy, overcast day!!!!!

oct10 004

With the big engine on the boat it was only about 15 minutes to the Island…

oct10 012

We just pulled up to the beach

oct10 016

whilst we had a great breakfast here!!

oct10 017

The small town is very laid back and pretty!!

oct10 018

oct10 022

We then rented bikes for the afternoon so here is Little Little Bonita!!!

oct10 025

Off we went…

oct10 028

oct10 034

oct10 036

oct10 037

oct10 038

oct10 041

oct10 046

This ferry is coming from the small Island where the tragic death of the young lady in the Kennedy car that went off the road into the water!!

We got back to the boat about 4pm and I really enjoyed the whole day!!

oct10 047Heading home.

Both Gregg and I after supper and showers around 9pm decided it was time to hit the hay…we were out in the sun all day and rode maybe 15 miles and I will admit certain parts of my anatomy are a bite sore!!!

Tomorrow is forecasted to be a great day so we have plans so stay tuned and then Wednesday I leave for New York!!

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